• CNP101

    Anti - penetration, super - stretch and other features, comfortable feel, is the ideal choice for leisure sports fabrics and fashion swimsuits.

    20 ¥ 0.00
  • SC02

    It is delicate, soft, compact and elastic, and has the function of cutting at will, which improves the wearing comfort of clothing.Used for casual sports and comfortable underwear fabrics.

    8 ¥ 0.00
  • SC511

    Elastic memory effect, no edging and detaches, suitable for seamless style.The fabric is compact and penetrable, with small surface resistance in water. It is very good against UV, friction and pilling. It can be used for toning swimsuit.

    11 ¥ 0.00
  • J400

    With a good drape, feel and close, the skin can be free to carry out aerobic respiration.Excellent bidirectional elastic to meet the human body free movement, is the ideal comfortable underwear fabric.

    3 ¥ 0.00